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Super Creamy Cheesecake


_ 45 grams plain flour.

_ 1 teaspoon cocoa powder.

_ 1 egg. _ 10 grams melted butter.

_ 100 millilitres milk.


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Every special occasion is celebrated with a cake. At Cupcake Cutie Etc ©, we want the cake to be just as special as the occasion. We design cakes like you've never seen them before & work exceptionally hard to present a cake that exceeds your expectations. We take cakes to a different layer, without compromising the taste. So you'll not only get an extraordinary cake but a great tasting one as well. Now you can have your cake....the way you want it and eat it too! From simple to simply amazing, our cakes are sure to stand out in every way. Of course, an ordinary cake is okay...BUT why give an ordinary cake to an EXTRAORDINARY person!

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